Silwerfontein The Guest Farm on Voëlvlei Dam
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There is a wide variety of birds to be seen on the farm which range from:
ó     Water birds,
ó     Forest birds,
ó     Savannah birds,
ó     Mountain birds
ó     and Fynbos birds,
ó     Even the odd Marine bird.
This is a secret experience to be explored.  At dawn and dusk you just need to sit quietly outside to see the birds frolic in the tree’s right around you.  Come see our resident Fish Eagle & other rarities.


Since the farm borders on a Nature Conservancy, as well as the area surrounding Voëlvlei Dam, an interesting variety of game can be seen.  Keep your eyes peeled for the Oryx and “Vaal Ribbokke” which grazes on the farm and the area towards the dam wall.  You might also be able to glimpse a “Grysbok” in the Forest.

Please look out for snakes on your walk-abouts, they like to come out when it is warm.  Be assured that they do not wish to cross your path and would appreciate forewarning so they have the chance to move off.  Carry a stick and stamp it on the ground as you walk, they will hear you coming and hide.

Also be aware that our baboons are wild and thus not to approaching humans.  You might hear them, but they will usually be at a distance.  If however you do see them at closer range, do not mess with them or try to get to close to them, they can be dangerous.  We live in a state of harmony with them, so please do not feed them and thus teach them dependence upon humans.  This would create behaviour which could be dangerous for future guests.


Tremendous amounts of Fynbos, Renoster-veld, Proteas and Succulents is available on the farm, some of them very rare ones.  An illustrated list of available Proteas is in the process of compilation and will be added upon completion.  In the mean time browse to your heart’s content, you will not be disappointed with your discoveries!


Yes, believe it or not, but we do have our own herd of wild ponies.  Their mother and father used to be ridden, but since there is no one to teach them or ride them, they grew up totally wild and happily roam around on the farm.

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